Serbian dentist’s 2014 murder may be linked to SA spook’s assassination

Serbian dentist’s 2014 murder may be linked to SA spook’s assassination

The murder of a dentist in Serbia in 2014 may have links to the killing of South African state security contract agent George Darmanovic, who was fatally shot a month before a one-time suspect in the dentist’s assassination was murdered.

Milutin Rokic, 65, the dentist, was shot dead on March 2, 2014, in Krusevac, which is in central Serbia.

Two years later, in 2016, Serbian media reported that a suspect in the case, Dejan Stankovic, had been cleared of all charges, as it could not be proved that he was behind the killing. Stankovic’s twin brother had also been cleared in this case.

It is not clear why Rokic was murdered.

3 murders in a month

Stankovic was shot dead on June 6, exactly one month after Darmanovic was shot in Belgrade and died in hospital. Darmanovic’s murder happened a day before Stankovic’s son Vojin was murdered in Krusevac.

The three murders, therefore, unfolded in Serbia as follows: Darmanovic was killed on May 6, Vojin Stankovic was murdered the next day, and his father was shot dead a month later.

On Monday, a press release on Serbia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs website said that two suspects had been arrested in connection with Darmanovic’s murder.

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The media release said it was believed they had worked with a man who was no longer alive. The initials of this man were DS.

This week, Serbian media – including the publication Telegraf – reported that the two were suspected of having helped Stankovic carry out the killing.

Ties to SA

Darmanovic had previously been based in Johannesburg, before moving to Serbia about three years ago.

It is understood Stankovic and his son had previously visited South Africa.

In 2016, when Stankovic was cleared of Rokic’s murder, Kusevac Press reported that he had a South African passport, as well as Serbian one, which at that stage was not returned.

‘Forged document’

Monday’s statement by the Serbia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that Vladimir Rebic, a police director, had said that, when apartments used by the two suspects arrested for Darmanovic’s murder were searched, it was discovered that another person, with an international arrest warrant against him or her for a murder committed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, had allegedly forged a document.

This person, according to the press release, was then arrested and taken to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Mladenovac. 

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